This daily beauty set not only including a Jojoba oil hand wash and our signature silky handcream, also the reusable & washable facial puff for you to remove makup with just water.


About the Jojoba oil hand wash, 450ml:

This hand care wash infused with Jojoba oil with rich lather, upligting scents bring the perefct PH balanced to clean your hand gently without causing dryness.


About the Silky handcream, 250ml:

The natural uplifting scented handcream is rich and protective, helps with dryness and restore smoothness for the silky hands.


Reusable & Washable Facial Puff:

Just wet the facial puff with warm water and wipe your face, the micro-fiber puff will erase your makeup like magic, even your masacra will come off. No more nasty chemical for makeup removal. 

Hand wash the facial puff with warm water after every use and machine wash with similar colour clothing when deep cleansing is needed. 

This facial puff is friendly not just friendly to your face, also the environment. 

Daily Beauty Set